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How to pair your phone with SYNC using MyFordTouch

To use any of the phone features for SYNC with MyFordTouch – such as placing a call, receiving calls or text messages, or using SYNC Services – you must first connect or “pair” your phone. Your phone Must be Bluetooth enabled, this allows the devices to communicate securely. Make sure your phone is compatible with SYNC.

You can pair up to 12 different mobile phones, however, MyFordTouch can make and receive calls using only one paired phone at a time. If two paired phones are present, the primary phone will be used by the system.

Pairing your phone is simple. The phone connects wirelessly when both phone and sound system are on.


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1) Turn on vehicle
2) Turn on radio
3) Make sure the vehicle is in Park and running, not in Accessory mode

Cass County Ford
4) Turn on your mobile phone and turn on your Bluetooth
5) Press Phone button on Steering Wheel
6) Click OK on Steering Wheel
7) Press Arrow buttons until “ Add Bluetooth” appears, then press OK on Steering Wheel
8) Find SYNC, and Press OK
9) A 6 digit Pin appears when SYNC finds your phone. * Reverse pairing allows you to connect a phone using a 4 digit pin. Skip to 13 if this applies to you.
10) Enter pin on your phone

Cass County Ford
11) If you’d like this phone to be the Primary Phone then press OK. If not use arrows until NO appears and select NO
12) Congratulations! Your phone is paired to SYNC



13) When SYNC displays the 6 digit code, touch “Find Other Devices.” When SYNC has discovered your device the name of your phone will appear. Touch its name.

Cass County Ford

14) Touch the 4 numbers you were given, such as 0000 or 1234, on the touchscreen that you will also enter in your phone. Touch Enter

Cass County Ford

15) When your phone displays a similar prompt to enter a pin, type the same numbers and press OK

16) You should now get a message saying the pairing was successful.


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